Books and DVD

I thought I'd share some recommendations with you. Here's a selection of Fiction, Poetry & Self-Help books:

Full of useful exercises to help you know your partner better and improve your relationship.

a useful book to get you through this difficult time

one for the children

Specially for the over 50's about the problems that can be experienced with sex as you age.

Great exercises to get you talking about sex and improving intimacy.

A great book if you want to spice up your sex life. It's autobiographical and probably more useful for being so.

First class book on clitoral stimulation

This for anyone who has forgotten what it's like to be a couple since the advent of children

When you've made that decision this book is very helpful

This powerful book is very illuminating

One client I recommended it to said it completely changed her life - you'll love it or hate it?

easy to read, easy to understand, and provides real hope for people experiencing traumatic symptoms from childhood or adulthood

This is a brave book of poems written by a brave man. Belden doesn't hold back his punches but just when you're reeling you begin to feel the hope of love and redemption. I heartly recommend Iron Man Family Outing

questions the assumptions around what's normal libido and challenges unrealistic assumptions

lots of information covering masturbation, oral sex and intercourse