About Me

I am a grandmother of six and a great grandmother of  three. I was born in Sheffield and have lived here all my life. I married at eighteen and by the time I was twenty one I had two children a son and a daughter.

I resumed employment again when my daughter started school working mainly as an accounts clerk. Then one of the clients I wrote up accounts for asked me if I would work for him exclusively. I agreed and I eventually became his Company Secretary. I continued in this vein until I was in my 40's when I decided to do a MAP course. On its completion I secured a place at The University of Sheffield to read English Literature.

After I graduated I decided to pursue a career in counselling so I applied to Relate to work with them as a volunteer and in 1995 I began training as a Relationship Counsellor. After 10 years of working as a volunteer and salaried counsellor I decided to begin my own practice a decision I have never regretted making.

Now 7 years later I've decided to retire and do other things including writing this blog. I have a keen interest in books, film and theatre. I enjoy walking with my Westie Billy. My intention is that the blog will be a mix of my personal and professional experiences.

Just for interest let me share the story of my Twitter name @dumphimlove which periodically I'm asked about and its origins. The answer is it came from my son Alan he has the deserved reputation of being a wit. We were all together for one of our family dinners. I announced I had started guesting on a local radio show and the jokes percolated into the night. The kids decided I should have a catchphrase and sonny boy came up with Dump Him Love. At this point let me reassure you I have never uttered that phrase. I have, however, thought it on occasion with both male and female clients, friends and acquaintances! I'm now attached to the name - it's a bit of fun it doesn't mean I won't take you seriously.

With your permission we'll share this next phase of my life together - hold onto your hat it may be a bumpy ride!