Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hey, You, Get Out Of My Face

I think I'm I am suffering from Charity fatigue. What do I mean? I mean I'm cheesed off with being asked for a donation or bequest for the charities that proliferate.

Now my ire is being well and truly stirred because the campaigners, including the political parties, have joined the race to get their hands in my pocket! I get phone calls, emails almost every day, plus mail including raffle tickets through the door. Sometimes I'm almost incandescent. One because its unsolicited and two because I feel in a caring society charities would be defunct. The valuable service charities provide would be provided by the state and because we are so enlightened we would, as tax payers be happy about it. Perhaps it's pie in the sky but that's how I feel. 

Believe me I have the utmost empathy for people who suffer. What I can't do is give to every one. If I don't donate already it's unlikely that I will do. I've already made the difficult decision as to who the recipients will be. In agreement with my OH I give to people and he gives to animals. I may respond to an annual campaign like Comic Relief but that's it. Why am I irritated and fed up? It's because I feel harassed in my own home and as if I'm being guilt tripped. I don't have lots of money but I do my best to be a caring citizen. 

Please believe me your importuning does not make me feel kindly disposed to you. To quote Popeye, 'I can stands so much but I can't stands no more'!