Monday, 23 February 2015

Oh Why Can't I Sleep?

I can't remember the last time I slept all night. I recently found the following poem and if we substititute woman for man it decribes my dilemma exactly! 

 My Plight by Bernard Shaw

 Bear with me as I tell of my plight, I am just an old man that cannot sleep at night. I have counted millions of sheep in my time, Even written verses that usually rhyme. Full moon nights are really the worse For then I am compelled to write more verse. Sleeping tablets I have take by the score, These make things worse and cause me to snore. I have had hot baths before going to bed, These make my skin wrinkly and red. Cold showers I have tried to make me sleep, But I only end up counting more sheep. They say as one gets older one does not need so much sleep. When I hear this psuedo wisdom I just want to weep. When I was young eight hours sleep was just right. It saw me through a long restful night. If just for once I could sleep through the night, I would not ask you to bear with my plight. 

So here I am, an insomniac, sharing a bed with someone who can imitate Rip Van Winkle which means my tossing and turning is interspersed with his and Angus' (the Westie who sleeps in a corner of the bedroom) steady snoring! When I get up the following morning I observe my lined visage and opine with monotonous regularity that I've hardly slept. OH will respond with equal regularity that he doesn't understand why. Clearly that makes two of us! Anyway for a change this morning when I started to grizzle he said have you seen this in The Guardian Babs? 

 Long story short having a goodnight's sleep to gain and nothing to lose I've decided to give it a whirl!

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