Thursday, 19 February 2015

Life Goes On

It's been nearly two years since I spoke to you. Much has happened in that time. There have been deaths of friendships and individuals but also births of friendships and individuals. I guess that's a rather complicated way of saying life goes on!

I can't say I'm anymore contented but I'm now volunteering with a well known organisation and I've come to some sort of accommodation with retirement.

I have been thinking of returning to blogging for some time. I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts but one of the reasons I took time out was I got bogged down with the idea that I had nothing new to share. Perhaps that's true but is there such a thing as a truly new thought or idea? 

I feel I can no longer deal with relationship problems since I've now been retired since 2011 but I can share with you articles and my thoughts on relationships and mental health issues which I find interesting and so possibly may you. Anyway my intention is to get back in the saddle I do hope you'll join me.


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