Sunday, 22 February 2015

I Love My Dogs

I love my dogs. Having said that they can be a pain in the back side. It's like having a couple of kids who grow old, but not up, so they are forever dependent upon you.

Angus is 13 and Billy is 10. Both are having problems with their joints and have to be lifted onto chairs. To be fair Angus, who we adopted from our son, has always had problems jumping. He was brought up in a household with wooden floors which made it difficult to gain purchase and he's just got it into his head he can't do it.  I know it's psychological in nature because when we take him into Derbyshire he's like a mountain goat! 

Billy has no such hang ups but now prefers a stepping stool to his desired sleeping place, either that or as with Angus he needs a lift up. Now picking up a Westie  may not seem like much but they weigh on average 10kg so if I do it say 10 times a day times 2 dogs it's a decent work out. Then of course there's the 3 mile walk every day come hell or high water. To be honest my OH is marvellous with the pooches and if the weather is inclement he will often suggest he takes them out on his own and I gladly accept the offer especially if it's icy underfoot.

At the moment all is peaceful apart from the squeakings of Angus' tummy. Both dogs get it from time to time and whilst it's not serious it is disconcerting to both them and us.

I'm often asked if I'd have another dog when my lovelies die and the answer is I'm not sure. The things that mitigate against being a dog owner are that they rule out spontaneity. Whenever we are invited to do something our first thought has to be them. You can't be house proud and they're upkeep is expensive. Having said that they are loving, entertaining and they make you exercise. 

As I said at the beginning I love my dogs! 

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