Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Woody Sez 'it was a fab night out'

Last evening we went to The Crucible to see Woody Sez the story of folk legend and political activist Woody Guthrie . We were in doubt for most of the day as to whether we would make it. We'd woken up to a heavy fall of snow and the forecast was horrendous. But for once luck was with us. The rain arrived and we decided to go for it!

I had booked the tickets as a gift for my husband. He's a big music fan. He goes so often to see theatre performances I've suggested, and with other people, I thought it would be a double treat for it to be just us. 

We arrived early so we could have a drink in the bar. I am a centre stage member which entitles me to 10% discount on food and drink & though it's not a massive saving it does help. We had half an hour to spare so we settled down with our drinks for a chat. The subject after glancing around us was how theatre appeared to still be a middle aged, middle class pastime. We worked out that with the tickets, drinks, an ice cream for me and parking had cost us £55. I realise that if you live down south this may not seem expensive but in Sheffield it's still a nice piece of change for a night out. 

When we went into the auditorium sadly it wasn't full. I'd say a third of the seats were empty. It seems that the cuts are beginning to take affect and if the arts lose their subsidies as is threatened this will get worse. I'm hoping it doesn't happen but frankly I am pessimistic about it.

However, to finish on a positive note the production was brilliant. The four cast members made vivid Woody Guthrie's life and his music. The audience were toe tapping and singing along to some of his better known songs. There were also some poignant moments which brought me to tears. It was a lovely happy evening. I love the theatre. 


  1. Hi Babs, always enjoy these. Keep them coming x

  2. Thanks Ali it's nice to know I'm not talking to myself :) x

  3. Hello, I've been promoting the show in some cities, so pleased you enjoyed it. Also your domain name made me laugh out loud. Thanks for making me smile, Anna

  4. Thanks Anna and it's always nice to know I've brought a smile to someone's face or in your case given you a laugh. Don't be stranger :)