Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Life Is About Transitions

I was tweeting yesterday with a friend and congratulating her on her success at stopping smoking and recovering from some health issues caused by an accident. She is one of many brave people I have met on twitter. All of whom have their stories of trials experienced and sometimes overcome. It occurred to me later that we are all in transitional states for much of the time. We experience all kinds of joy and adversity like the birth of a child or the death of a loved one. We may feel we will never overcome the effects of an accident or the loss of  a job. Our relationships breakdown and we feel we will never love again. We move house and feel it will never become home. We become ill and face the spectre of our own mortality. These are just a few of the trials and transitions we experience and work through.

Transitions are a part of life and we cannot exist without them. Just as our bodies are in a continuous state of change so are our lives. Even when we feel we are in stasis we are in transition. Sometimes we fight the transition but sometimes we can accept that it is happening, work with it and achieve the optimum outcome. 

My latest big transition was my retirement and this came about after I had had an hysterectomy and a bladder operation. When I booked in for the operation I had no real desire to retire. I was  past retirement age but I felt fit and happy to be doing a job I loved. Then when I felt so ill after the first procedure I became very dispirited and, I believe in retrospect, depressed. I had expected to be back at work within a few weeks. My previous experience had resulted in me believing my powers of recuperation were fantastic and I had no reason to expect this would be different. When it was different I was knocked off course. I struggled for several months with the enervation and my inability to concentrate before I finally decided to retire. 

I now believe that if I'd given it a little more time I could have carried on working but I was fearful of not being on top of my game and so I bit the bullet. Of course when I did that I entered another state of transition and as I said at the beginning of the post so it continues! 

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