Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Starting Again

I haven't posted since April of last year. I could go into the reasons but there doesn't seem to be any mileage in that. Suffice it to say that I lost my confidence and motivation.

I had originally started blogging as an antidote to retirement. I was one of those lucky people who enjoyed their job. I was, however, getting long in the tooth and my peer group were retiring and it seemed as if I should follow suit. This was a mistake. My advice to anyone would be if you have a choice think long and hard before you make the decision.

Anyhow in the first instance the blogging went fine. I enjoyed it and I got some good feedback. I did have a hiccough when a then friend of mine took umbrage at something I wrote but that relationship bit the dust and that was that. Then I started to think that by writing about relationships I wasn't really moving on. I needed something else to talk about and it was there dear reader I hit the wall. After a lifetime of being considered over opinionated it seems I had nothing to say that couldn't be said better by somebody else and so I withdrew. Since then I have been wondering in the wilderness thinking I would if only I could.

I have been reading recently about forgiveness and gratitude. I can't say I've read anything I didn't already know but it has served to highlight that the key to being happy is to forgive ourselves and other people and to be grateful for what we've got. This all sounds pretty simple, and it is, but it is not necessarily easy. I have much to be grateful for believe me but sad to say I lost sight of it. 

I have always had a facility for criticism. I have always found it easier to see what was lacking and not what was achieved. I think many of you will share the same trait. It does not foster happiness. My challenge to myself is to take time out every day to log the things I have reason to be grateful for. On that note I will say I am grateful today to have found the confidence to start blogging again 


  1. Brilliant Babs -- you said what many of us feel when we get 'out there' blogging and on social media... there often comes a point when you wonder if it's all vanity and if you have anything worth saying. But, you do, Babs... and you've been there for so many other people who've identified with stuff you've said, or felt thankful for your comments on their own musings. Thanks for your comeback! : )

  2. Thanks Cat for your kind comments. I really appreciate your loving support :)

  3. Missed you and happy you're back!

  4. Thanks Suzie I've missed you too x

  5. Thanks Cat for your kind comments. I really appreciate your loving support :)