Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sorry I Missed You

Sorry I missed you yesterday. I was mega busy. In the morning I attended Book Club. We were discussing A Train In Winter a true story of 230 women in the french resistance who were captured and imprisoned in Auschwitz. It is, I have to say, one of the most depressing books I've read in a long time. Yes it's about friendship and survival. Yes it's incredible the amount of detail the author goes into and the amount of research she has done. However, is was not a pleasure, nor could it be a pleasure in my opinion to read. This of course is my viewpoint. I think the consensus was the book was worth reading and 'should be read' as a testament to all who died in the holocaust. I get this perspective entirely but I prefer my history fictionalised. It is all about personal preference after all. But one of the advantages of a club is that you get to read books you wouldn't normally and sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn't. 

After Book Club I went with one of my friends to see Les Miserable 

I absolutely love it and she hated it. I came out looking as if I'd been to a funeral she greatly amused at the affect it had had on me. Again what suits one doesn't suit another? If like me you love musicals and musical theatre I would say it's a must see.

After the film we came back to ours for dinner and a chat with our spouses. The menu wasn't exotic just chilli, jackets and garlic bread followed by fresh fruit and yoghurt and a couple of bottles of a decent red.  The evening was pleasant and as usual we spent quite a bit of it discussing politics and the state of the U.K. 

We are all socialist so it will come as no surprise that we are not happy. However, we are not particularly happy with our own party either. We all felt they could be more effective in opposition and that the time has come for the tit for tat aspect of our system to be dropped. 

At one time of course 'politics' would not have been suitable conversation for the dinner table? Today things are different or at least they are in our household. Whilst we were discussing the above one of the things we agreed on was that instead of moaning about the situation what were we going to do about it? I'm happy to march but fear the 'rowdy, trouble causing element' who seem to infiltrate good causes. But to be fair we have seen some good, peaceful marches recently. 

Therefore, my pledge is that I will be to get more involved with my local party and that I will share my views with anyone who is prepared to listen. It goes without saying I will do the same for you.

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