Thursday, 17 January 2013

Snow Good This Has To Stop!

I'm all for picturesque snow scenes and I don't mind the dogs getting their jollies frisking about it in but to be frank I find it a pain in the butt.

When I was still working it made me anxious wondering whether clients would be able to make their appointments or, if I was working in surgery, I would be anxious making the drive up the motorway. I am not a particularly confident driver so snow doesn't help the situation.

Today the snow has disrupted my enjoyment. I had been earlier in the day to see Les Miserables for the second time. This time I saw it in IMAX, with my eldest grandson. He did his degree in film so as you can imagine he's quite the enthusiast and is always willing to experience any genre. I felt quite privileged when he said he'd go with me because when I'd suggested it to my OH he told me, 'I was on my own' so it seemed very sweet of my grandson to say yes. Fortunately he enjoyed it as much as I did and he appreciated the individual performances so I didn't have to feel guilty or that I had twisted his arm.

This evening we were due to go and see the NFT production of The Magistrate starring John Lithgow at Cineworld but the snow started earlier than expected and after some deliberation we decided to cancel our trip. That constituted £21 thrown away and lots of disappointment. We have seen quite a few NFT productions this way and they've been excellent.

Still on the being grateful front we are sitting in a cosy room with a hot drink preparing to watch Ken Loach's film Route Irish. I guess you could say life isn't so bad after all!