Sunday, 20 January 2013

Simple Sunday

I love Sundays. I know as a retiree you could say every day is a Sunday since I have no regular calls on my time. However, Sunday is still special. Sunday is when I get to see our daughter and my only surviving brother. It's also when I get to chat with our son for longer than two minutes.

The day began as usual with breakfast and The Andrew Marr Show which was hosted today by Jeremy Vine. Vine is not a presenter I'm overly fond of but to be fair he did a good job. After a confab about what we're were doing we decided to visit our daughter and my brother instead of them visiting us. My husband is more experienced in bad weather driving than Alison and we didn't want  Alan, who uses a stick, walking on the icy pavements. We enjoyed seeing them both. We had a lively, interesting chat with Ali who was talking about her bucket list. She had lots to say but in the interests of privacy I won't divulge. I don't know about you but I've never thought of compiling a list and I'm sure my mother didn't. She would have called anything outside her normal life a pipe dream. I know in our aspirational society it is different. We appear to want more than to survive? We seem to want lives rich with things and experience. My intention isn't to be critical but occasionally I think we've lost the plot? When I read articles like this about the poor and disenfranchised I'm convinced of
it. But that isn't the subject of today's post more of a digression.

When we arrived at Alan's the conversation was very different. I had news of my sister-in-law who has dementia. Because of deterioration she is now in respite care and it sounds as if it could become permanent. I was five years old when she met my brother so she's been in my life one way or another for a long time. We all feel very sad about it. Weather permitting we're going to pick her up tomorrow and take her out for lunch so we'll have the opportunity to see how she's coping.

When we returned home hubby settled with The Observer and I decided to watch a DVD. Alan had loaned me a boxed set of old Hollywood Musicals and I chose The Dolly Sisters.

It's a delight. The movies then were so simple and enjoyable. For my part I have no problem with suspending disbelief and I adore musicals. This one was perfect for a Simple Sunday at home. 

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