Monday, 14 January 2013

Poor Me

It's Sunday. I have a stinking cold and quite frankly I am feeling a little sorry for myself. As I type this I am aware of how pathetic that sounds. I know that in the discomforts of life it is mini league stuff so why aren't I thinking how lucky I am to just have a cold?

This leads me on to the more interesting question of  what makes me and possibly you catastrophise sometimes? What stops me or you from maintaining a balanced perspective? Is it learned behaviour? It could be. I've never been good at being ill. By that I mean I'm not a good patient. I get irritable and woe betide anyone who crosses me. Another possibility is that sometimes we are dealing with issues and doing ok and then we experience something trivial that derails us. My own feeling is that it can and often is both. 

I don't know about you but I'm good in a crisis and with serious stuff but the small stuff which we're 'supposed not to sweat' often gets me in a tizz! I am the women who joked her way into the operating theatre several times. I dealt with my husband's heart attacks. One of which I witnessed and I had to administer CPR whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive. I was positive and upbeat when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I have spent years helping family, friends and clients through traumatic times and have been commended for my pragmatism. Believe me if you are in trouble I'm your woman. Having said all that a word to the wise - if I develop a cold keep out of my way!

Whilst writing this I read on my timeline that one of the young women I follow has been diagnosed  for the second time with cancer. Sometimes I just need to get a grip!


  1. I think that we can relax and allow ourselves a "poor me" when it's a niggle - there's no adrenalin rush or having to cope that we find in real emergencies. So go ahead and luxuriate in feeling sorry for yourself - but only if you can get waited on as well xx

  2. Thanks Pat I been receiving some TLC from OH and my granddaughter who is staying for a few days x