Friday, 25 January 2013

Please Try To Be Considerate

My treat today was a trip to the cinema (yes I know I go a lot) to see The Sessions.  

The Sessions is based on a true story about poet and polio victim Mark O'Brien  and his journey into sensuality with sex surrogate Cheryl Cohen-Greene. The film is incredibly moving. It's also witty and the performances are admirable. But alas, I didn't lose myself in it entirely - not because the film was lacking but because of the insensitivity of a young couple who were sitting behind me.

Perhaps you're not like me but I don't go to the cinema to eat or to chat? I go to see the film. Now ok I guess it's possible to eat and drink your way through some films without detracting from the enjoyment  but, this particular film is about a vulnerable severely disabled man wanting to lose his virginity. I guess with my therapist's hat on I could say that this couple were so afraid of his vulnerability and their own  that they had to drown it out. But if I'm honest this munch your way through a film seems to be the norm these days. As is the propensity for some people to chat to each other throughout.

When I first went to the cinema in the 50's  it was a Distant Voices Still Lives

or a Cinema Paradiso

type experience. The golden rule was that you were quiet so as to engage with the film and because you were required not to spoil someone else's enjoyment. We weren't deprived by this. We were given the opportunity to eat, drink and talk in the interval. The interval was roughly half way through the film at a cliff hanging moment and lasted for about fifteen minutes. It was very much like a theatre visit is today except of course smoking was de rigeur.

I'm not a killjoy but please do try to be considerate. It costs nothing and you'll be contributing to making  society a nicer place.

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