Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Me Time

It feels as if I've been banging on for years about me time. The message being that me time is important for our emotional and mental well being. We need to do something positive for ourselves at least once a week and if it's possible to take an hour each day so much the better in my opinion.

Now you may think that as a retiree I would have no problem in having me time but that isn't the case. I have over the past year found it exceedingly difficult to have time on my own. The reason being my OH is also retired and we have become something of a double act. I think this happens for a lot of couples. Please don't misunderstand. I like being with my spouse and we enjoy ourselves. But apart from when he goes fishing, and that's mainly in good weather, we spend most of our time together. I'm not sure why we've found ourselves in this situation especially since we've always resisted being joined at the hip but we have. So I decided that I needed to resurrect my me time starting today.

After some deliberation I chose to go to the cinema to see The Impossible. The film is about the tsunami that hit Thailand on Boxing Day 2004 and focuses on one family and their survival. The Impossible is epic but I didn't really enjoy it. I think it was because it was a dramatised version of a disaster. The film has lots of look away moments. The cinematography is fantastic, the performances are good and yet it didn't do it for me. My friend went with someone else to see it and she thought it was wonderful so? Anyway I accomplished what I set out to do I had some me time and it felt good to sit in the dark on my own.

On the gratitude front I am grateful I have a car which I could use to go to the cinema. I am also grateful I have the funds to pay for the seat and, I am grateful I have the time to savour the movie.


  1. Babs, I'm so pleased to read your post as 'me time' is something that benefits every couple. Having your own space - doing your own thing - actually makes a relationship stronger.

    You can still share the activity through conversation, but don't have to physically do it together. If you find your own activities, perhaps it will encourage the OH to find his?

    It can be easy to fall into a rut. But a gentle shift means you don't have to live feeling that life is predictable.

    Well done. Looking forward to hearing more about your future exploits. :-)

  2. Thanks Nikki. It's funny isn't it that we can know something and still ignore it? I feel as if I've been sleepwalking but I'm wide awake now :-)