Sunday, 27 January 2013

Happiness Is?

It's been a good weekend with time spent with my favourite people - the kids. To be precise they're mature adults but they are our kids and I love being with them. Yesterday thanks to our daughter Alison looking after our much pampered pooches we were able to spend the night with her brother Alan and our daughter-in-law Liz. They prepared a great meal for us and as always when we're together the wine flowed as did the conversation. One of the things we discussed when we'd finished the family catch up was the subject of happiness and we continued the conversation with Ali when we returned home today. I don't want to break any confidences so I won't divulge what they said but one of the things we all agreed upon was that whilst money makes for a comfortable life, in itself it doesn't make us happy. Ok I know it easier to be miserable with a healthy bank account but through the job I've met lots of miserable moneyed people. Please believe me I am not being flip it's a fact.

One of the ways I used for helping people improve their happiness quotient was to ask them to think about the last four times they'd felt really happy. The idea being if they could identify what generated good feelings they could do more of it. Almost unfailingly they would find it difficult to do. They usually knew what made them miserable, but happy was a different thing. I wonder if you were asked the question what you would say?

The last four times I have felt happy have been this weekend. I've already mentioned being with our offspring so I was happy yesterday and today. I also enjoy walking the dogs and today it was lovely to walk on clear pavements in the sunshine. Being with friends also floats my boat. So on Friday in fact was two in one because watching films makes me happy and as you already know I went to the cinema with my friend Barbara.

The component parts of what makes me happy are being with the people I love and being on my own. I love trips to the theatre and cinema. I find pleasure in reading and discussing what I've read. I  really enjoy being with and walking the dogs. I stick with the golden rules of me time, couple time and family time which means I feel good about me and I have a good relationship. But above all I enjoy my life and most of the time I am able to say I'm happy.

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