Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Everyone Is Entitled to A Point Of View

I have spent some time pondering on what I could write about today. This is not unusual for me. As I commented to a fellow tweep the other day, 'we Geminis are usually in at least two minds'! I think one of the problems for me is that whilst I like to share what I'm thinking and feeling I don't want to appear preachy. I think there are enough people busy telling others what to think and feel. In fact it seems to have become something of a national pastime. Why is that? What is the problem with us holding different opinions? I understand there are some extreme opinions that I would not be able to accept or tolerate but in the main I'm happy for you to think something different to me. So what makes someone want to browbeat others into thinking the same as they do?

My viewpoint is that they are so afraid of being wrong that they have to push to be right. I used to see it regularly in couple counselling. One partner would repeat chapter and verse about some incident. The other would remember it differently and then hostilities would commence. I would then work very hard to help them to see that neither were right or wrong they simply viewed it in a different way and felt differently. There is of course a difference between facts and opinion - for example the fact is that the U.K is in economic trouble but there are different opinions as to how to resolve it. 

In a more general sense holding firm views makes us feel safe. We know what we know and don't have to look any further. Yesterday I had a lovely experience on twitter. I started tweeting with @Oldmanmackie about votes for sixteen year olds. I'm not in favour and he is. By the time we'd finished neither of us had changed our minds but we'd decided to follow each other. As they say, 'a result'. Make friends not enemies and respect each other's opinion.

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