Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Anger Has It's Place

How do you feel about anger? Are you someone who feels it's not ok to be angry or are you like me and think anger has it's place? 

When I say anger has it's place I'm not condoning shouting, screaming or physical violence although I have been known to give the odd bellow on occasion. I am talking about experiencing anger  and being able to express it appropriately. I often feel irritated or angry. When I walk down the road and see litter or dog poo. When I go on public transport and someone is being discourteous by shouting and or swearing. When I go shopping and people try to walk through me. When I watch the news or read the paper and see what a cock up this government is making! When I see or hear about injustice. 

I know that there are those who say 'why be angry' it's a wasted emotion and you can't do anything about the things you've mentioned so just let it go, but if we just smile and accept the slow deterioration in the quality of our lives what is the eventual outcome of that. I feel it's good to be angry under these circumstances. We need to feel angry and then perhaps we'll do something about it.

Yesterday  I received a parking ticket.  We had arranged to meet friends to see Life Of Pi but the cinema carpark was full so we left our car on the nearby retail carpark. Apparantly by doing this we parked illegally and we were charged with either paying a £50 fine with a month or £25 if we paid within 14 days. The carpark wasn't full so we appeared not to have prevented anyone spending any money in the shops. We did not see any signs warning us against parking but nevertheless we accept we parked there and have paid up. I was irritated by it because I think these parking companies are making megabucks out of the unsuspecting but I felt under the circumstances it was useless to argue. 

Please don't think I spend my life fulminating because that wouldn't be true; what is true is that I become increasingly worried about where life is going in the UK. I am fearful about the level of apathy and I am angry at a government who seem to target the vulnerable. I would describe this as justifiable anger and as such has it's place.

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