Sunday, 12 February 2012

Help Me To Help You

As Sundays go it's been fairly uneventful. The usual rituals including visits which I enjoy and a walk. 

It was while I was on the walk that I started thinking about this post. I am not a writer per se which means my head isn't full of ideas which I feel I must write down and share. I guess you could call me fairly articulate and capable of coherent thought but I'm not a budding author. But if my writing talent isn't prodigious I do have a talent for resolving relationship difficulties and it is that talent I have taken most pleasure in over recent years. Furthermore, it was because of that pleasure and a desire to help that I devised 'your problem page' and I've been lucky because you've joined me in the enterprise.

I always get a fillip when I received one of the email forms. Not because I want you to experience problems but because it gives me an opportunity to help or at least try to help. One problem I have experienced though, in helping you, is that there is a tendency to give scant information. This means I'm unable to perhaps be as helpful as I could. I understand you may not want chapter and verse publishing but if you could tell me more and then tell me what you don't want disclosing that would be good. Another possibility is that you could trust me to edit judiciously. I promise I won't divulge any information that could identify or embarrass you.

Finally thank you for allowing me into your lives whether by sharing your problem or sharing your thoughts on other people's problems. This is a fantastic experience in cooperation let's continue.

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