Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Day That The Snow Came Down

It's 6.30am on a very snowy Sunday morning. I am sitting with Billy who has squeezed himself tightly down the side of me. Angus, my son's Westie, is asleep on the sofa. My OH quite sensibly is still in bed.  I am not in bed because I was disturbed by the light from the snow and the sound of Westies licking. This may sound rather bizarre but Westies do have a habit of licking their feet rather noisily! Normally Billy our pooch would have brought himself downstairs during the night and settled on one of the available seats but for some reason both dogs seemed to have decided to stay in our immediate vicinity. So instead of snoozing until a respectable 8.30 or 9 am here I am.

I am not as they say a morning person and usually my spouse prepares breakfast which allows me to gather my wits gradually. Of course I spent years masquerading as a morning person getting up early, getting children off to school and then going to work. I didn't enjoy the morning routine but it worked. Now I don't work I have a system that suits me. 

Sundays as I have told you before are what we call a contracted rest day or more properly a day of choice. To be fair we usually choose the same things reading papers, walking the dog, of course today it's two dogs, and copious amounts of coffee. We love it! It's very companionable and because we have the agreement there's no  discord. We know what we're doing. It's what we do on a Sunday. There will, however, be one difference today. We will be without our usual visitors. This is entirely because of the weather. However, because of the forecast we arranged to see our daughter yesterday instead and we'll catch up with my brother later in the week.

Isn't it amazing though how snow disrupts our lives in this country? Every year at the first fall chaos seems to ensue. Theoretically our councils don't make the outlay because it's expensive but it finishes up costing the country enormous amounts in lost work hours etc. When I first started working for myself I didn't charge clients if they couldn't get because of the snow. I would absorb the lost fees not wanting to appear avaricious or disadvantage the client but eventually I realised if it snowed I wasn't earning and so I changed my viewpoint and my contract and the client and I went 50/50. There would be therapists who would not agree with me but my viewpoint was I needed to earn a living. Of course I wanted to help people but I was offering a professional service for which I was paid. 

What point am I making? That for every action or non action there is a consequence and whether it's a positive or an equitable one is often down to us as individuals?

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  1. Stop writing things I have to agree with - including a civilised hour to rise! x