Sunday, 15 January 2012

Post Op - Day Two

Another Sunday and day two after my operation. I spent a restless night. The only plus was that I got to listen to the inimitable Alan Bennett reading his audio book - Smut. Though, if I'm honest I would have preferred the sleep. I am not what you would call a sound sleeper anyway but what prevented me nodding off was the discomfort from the wound site and the fact that I've developed a rather bad cough. I am pleased with the operation which clearly went well. I've proved it with the continuous coughing. However, I am feeling grumpy. I want to concentrate on the positives and not to be thinking here we go again but there has been a little negativity creeping in.

As Sundays go it's been pretty normal except I've not been walking with my loved and pampered pooch Billy. But what's really on my mind today  is how do I stay smiling and upbeat? I guess if I were speaking with a client I would be suggesting taking time to rest and to relax because although my operation has been a relatively simple one this time it is still body trauma. Perhaps also I could spend some of the time thinking about what I want to change. When I have done that previously I have kept coming back to wanting to feel alive and fit. So what's the first step on that road? 

I think over the next few weeks I am limited as to what I can do but I'm not going to let that stop me. We have already been scrutinising how we eat and have decided to just cut back on the carbs and reduce portion size. I am going to try to walk around the block tomorrow to see how I feel. However, it will really only be a test so if I can't make I won't be despondent it'll be a bench mark. 

If you have similar experience and would like to share how you got fit or changed things around for you please let me benefit from your knowledge and leave your advice or comments.


  1. Give yourself time and patience, its only been a couple of days since your op plus you've had anaesthestic too which will disrupt your sleeping pattern. The coughing will fade.

    You're probably not used to sitting or doing very little and it can be frustrating. Gentle small steps of all kinds.

    You're surrounded by love from all directions xx

  2. Bless you my friend and thank you for your loving support x

  3. The only thing I can say is to take each day as it comes - enjoy the good days when you are feeling well and those days you are not feeling so bright just think the next day might be better. I find that I have really down days after an op - and the best way I can describe it is like having post natal depression - but thankfully it does go and I get back to normal . I too have to lose weight and get a bit more fit - I'm sure that will help a lot with my aches and pains and I certainly know I will feel a lot better for doing it.

  4. Bit belatedly responding, sorry!  My suggestion - just allow yourself to BE ... whatever that is, let it flow on and through and soon enough you will know what you need to DO...
    love, Lizzie x