Friday, 6 January 2012

A Day of Disappointments

A day of disappointments but nevertheless I am still feeling positive. So positive that I'm finding it difficult to believe it. I do hope it continues because it is preferable to how I have felt since May of last year. Even the GP saying today that he wanted to continue the investigations and that I may need another operation hasn't sent me into a spin.

Today was set to be a good day. I was due to go to book club. We were discussing poetry and I was really looking forward to it. But OH was in some considerable pain so I cancelled and took him to the doctors instead. The diagnosis was a frozen shoulder and it sounds as if it'll be some time before the problem is resolved.  Now what I'm thinking and what I've said to OH is that whether I or we get upset about what's happening we still have the same problem so in my opinion it's far better to resolve things as they occur than rail against the fates. 

My first concern as I was saying yesterday is to be as fit as I can be before my operation on Friday. I will fulfil that but ironically it's likely to be achieved through chores rather than specific exercise. But that's ok the main thing is to feel as fit and as healthy as I can. I am a little worried that OH won't be fit enough to take up the slack and look after me but there's not much I can do about that so I'm going with the flow.

I keep you informed of my progress but this going with the flow has much to commend it.  


  1. Hope all goes well for you - will you be in for long?

  2. Yes that's a very good way of looking at things, stressing just makes you feel worse. I always think when hearing that someone has been very brave through an illness or bereavement that it's not being brave but just getting through it as there's nothing else you can do. Hope all goes well for your op and hubby is on the mend soon.

  3. I'll keep good thoughts coming your way. Hugs too!