Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Best is Yet to Come - Retirement Part One

How am I feeling this first real week into my retirement? I know I finished work before Christmas but I've not really had a normal week without working before. 

I ended 2011 feeling unwell and despondent but whether it was all the red wine I drank on New Year's Eve or, the pep talk both my children gave me or, a combination of the two I don't know but I woke up New Years Day feeling different. Feeling as if the best is yet to come. Since then I've kept to my plan. Each morning I decide on three things I want to complete or achieve that day. They aren't necessarily massive just things that want doing. That way I figure I'll keep a sense of achievement. I think I have finally got my head around not doing everything. For example Jim has been ill today which has meant that the everyday chores were my responsibility. So I've contented myself with walking the dog, cleaning half of the kitchen cupboards and looking after the invalid. I know a few years ago that wouldn't have been enough and I would have stretched myself to doing 'everything' but I wouldn't have been happy. I would have been stressed and feeling martyred. Today I've done less but feel much better. 

I intend spending the next week keeping up the momentum with my new  healthy regime. I haven't made a big change to the way I eat because we have always eaten healthily but I have reduced portions and I've cut back on the drinking. No alcohol in the week at all and only moderate drinking at the weekend. I have also stepped up the exercise and have included Zumba and treadmill work to my usual dog walk. Again I'm not going for broke just going for gradual improvement.

Next Friday I have another op this time on my bladder. I am hoping I recover quickly and resume my regime without too much difficulty. After that I want to think about putting something into my life which is mentally stimulating. But until then I'll just keep to the initial plan of getting fit. 


  1. I'm so pleased that you are feeling better and that you are learning to live life luxuriously with time to read and exercise and most important - laugh!
    Hope the op goes well & you will soon be up and dog walking x

  2. Thanks so much Pat. I feel as if I'm on a roll and now my aim is to keep up the momentum

  3. Sounds like you have got into a good way of thinking. The best is yet to come! Pleased you are feeling better, all the best for the op and a quick recovery  x