Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Anonymous Bullying Part 2

I'm feeling thoughtful today. I had my pre-op tests yesterday and all seems well. I have, it would be fair to say, had a few ups and downs over the last year but I am determined to make 2012 a much better year. To that end I have, as promised, been putting in place small changes to ensure both emotional and physical fitness. 

One of the emotions I've always had easy access to is anger. I sometimes think I came out of the womb angry. But even if that wasn't the case I certainly learned all about it in my early life. However, I've blogged about that before so I won't repeat myself at this juncture.

I started thinking about it yesterday when I was writing the post on anonymous bullying. I was really cross with this individual (who keeps popping up in various guises) invading my space. Those of you who know me know as they say in Yorkshire 'I call a spade a shovel'. I also shoot straight from the hip. I have no truck with duplicity. I like my interactions honest. I can deal with other people being angry. I do not like being blamed for their responses or being held responsible for their reactions.  

Today I have received yet another comment for Mr or Mrs Anonymous which read 

'Is asking a reasonable question classes as bullying?' (sic) 

The answer to that dear reader is no but what you were offering was not a reasonable question it was a highly contentious question with an intent to incite or wound. So once again I would say if you have an axe to grind then do so in the right quarter you will not gain a voice on my blog. I apologise if that frustrates you but there it is. The blog is for intelligent debate not for for slagging off. As they say 'them are the rules' follow them and I'll post the comment but if you don't your response is destined for the trash can. 

I am no longer angry but instead I feel sorry for someone who feels so impotent to change things that instead they lash out. Do yourself a favour mate let it go because life is too short! 

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