Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Benefits of Me Time

Me time is something I recommend on a regular basis to clients. It's an important part of our well being. I guess some are curious about whether I follow my own advice. The short answer is I do.

One of my favourite 'on my own' me time activities is going to the cinema.  It has been from being a young girl in the 1950's. At that time my film of choice was one of the Warner or MGM musicals. I loved Calamity Jane and Annie Get Your Gun. These films were U certificate and so I could go in on my own. But if I wanted to see an A film I would need to go in with an adult. I would stand outside and ask any passing couple or individual if they would take me in. It would go something like 'could you take me in please' or 'take me in mister'. When I think of some of the possible consequences of doing that my blood runs cold. However, at the time in working class areas it wasn't unusual. To be honest I did have some hairy experiences but in the main I was safe in my celluloid world

Now as a 60 something and soon to be retiree I still love going to the cinema on my own. There's something about not having to relate to someone else and sitting in the dark totally engrossed in those flashing images which is magical to me. I have friends who do the same but I have others who see it entirely as something to do with a another. Now I don't know if you'd agree but I think going to the cinema is one of the easiest things to do on your own. In fact I have been known to suggest it to clients as a starting place when they find themselves facing life on their own. 

My other me time activities are reading another solitary pursuit but I do belong to a book group so that takes it into a more sociable arena. I have been a lifelong reader. We are currently reading Fahrenheit 451 which won Bradbury the 2007 Pulitzer Prize.

I was introduced to the pleasure of reading when very small when as was the custom my mother enrolled me in  the local library. At that time you really did have to be quiet - even whispering was frowned  upon. As a note of interest I have just rejoined the library? I need to stop buying and start borrowing. I also love walking my Billy with or without OH. This is in spite of the fact that he's incapable of walking more than a couple of metres without a sniff or cocking his leg!

I use Twitter and Facebook and both allow me to be sociable in a limited way. I love the cut and thrust of it and the chitter chatter but of course I can step back if I feel uncomfortable or tired. I have also started blogging. Did I hear you say 'stating the b obvious'. I hope not because that would be most impolite! 

I am beginning to love blogging. I love jotting down my immediate thoughts and not knowing who will read it and connect. There's something rather exciting and appealing about that.


  1. I can relate to you doing that at the cinema
    When you were younger - I used to go along to our nearest underground station buy a ticket for one stop and ride the underground all day - come back to the stop
    That I had paid for get off and then but the ticket for the return one stop - I was 12 years of age - and my mum didn't know - she thought I was at a friends - I used to do this on my own and loved it - and to this day I still Love to people watch on trains and at airports
    Love to people watch

  2. your comment made me smile. In my opinion it was a different world insofar as we weren't cued into danger. Do you think women are people watchers anyway?

  3. Mine's reading, the stories I write are for public consumption; but reading is private me time. I can escape into a murder or detective story & try & find out "who dun it" before it's revealed. Purely selfish - but it's enormous fun

  4. Sincerely written and read.
    A kindred spirit in celluloid since the 60's and print since the 70's.
    Found the marvel of the written word when like many I was encouraged by an English teacher. He was rightly nicknamed Lurch after the butler but a gem who through his amateur dramatics played in the lessons brought Burns, Yeats, O'Neill and Shakespeare to life. He once has us marching up and down the corridors of the school doing Macbeth.

    I've never been without a book since.

  5. the key to good me time is reward - you have it in spades - brilliant!

  6. Thanks for your heartwarming response - keep reading!