Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Me / The Blog / Facebook / Twitter

I am happy to say I love Twitter. My only problem is it's character limitation but then again that's the challenge? I have lively interactions with great people and with the occasional exception it's a great mood lifter.

 I have in the past gone as far as to say I dislike Facebook and I have ridiculed it with the best. Why then may you ask have I started a Facebook Page? The answer my friends is twofold. I like debating and exploring and I'm assuming that they're are like minded people out there. I thought a discussion page was a good idea. Therefore, the prime reason is to discuss informally with you relationship issues, mental health issues, communication and well being. I will, however, talk about more or less anything appropriate for general publication. I am interested in interacting with YOU! 

The second reason which is entirely about self interest is that I'd like to drive traffic to my blog and the Facebook page seemed like a good idea. Whether it is or not will remain to be seen. I am a complete novice, as I've said before, when it comes to social networking and none of those close to me are that hot on it either. So I'm very much in a suck it and see situation.

At the moment I've been posting questions, articles and videos and inviting you to comment. I am happy for you to start a discussion with the proviso of course as I've said before it's appropriate and respectful of a serious discussion. If you want to muck about let's do it on twitter where I'm happy to play.


  1. I am so pleased that you are on FB. Out of the two I prefer Twitter - but since I have added and been added to By lots of twitter friends I am using Fan a lot more now and enjoying it. I think you need to have quite a few friends on FB to get something out of it. I love the questions you post.

  2. Sorry about the mistake I meant FB instead I put Fan - my iPad won't let me correct any text - so fruistrating when I have typed it and see the error and can't amend it.

  3. Hi Barbara - you may like to read this which is my experience of Twitter.  As it happens I am back now but in a very limited way.

  4. thanks Sandra I have commented on your blog - your comments are very pertinent :)