Monday, 21 November 2011

Just Saying - The Dangers of Social Networking

I have been watching the Matt Albright series You've Been Scammed. It's interesting on a number of levels for me not least because I avoided the 'Microsoft' scam and a good friend of mine has been scammed out of £300. What I've realised watching the programme is that the people who fall for scams aren't unintelligent it's the scammers who are very clever and unscrupulous. This brings me to scamming of another kind - the emotional rescue. 

 As oft declared I'm really into debate etc and I love connecting on Facebook and twitter. But in my opinion it is easy to expose oneself unwittingly on social networks and sometimes I feel concern for other users. I don't know whether it is the counsellor in me, the rescuer, or the control freak. But I find myself shouting BE CAREFUL at my screen when I see them sharing their pain or the intimate details of their lives. I am so aware that they could be repeating abusive patterns and I fear for them. Why? Because there a whole slew of people equally willing to help them do that. They are not necessarily bad people they may be just as unwitting themselves. Perhaps they feel they are genuinely doing good and in turn get to feel good? However, there is, don't forget the audience. If the account is open anyone on the web could be reading and making use of their exchanges? 

Ok you could say they are adults so what's it got to do with you? In reality it doesn't have anything to do with me on a personal level but I guess though you could say that about many potentially damaging situations? Anyway aren't we supposed to care about each other? When is interference appropriate and when is it not? You may be interested to know I have never interfered with a conversation and I have backed off if I've been included. I've sent the odd DM, I've suggested professional help, but, that is as far as I've gone. Why have I done that if I care about others so much? The answer is because I do believe in choice? That whilst the individuals concerned may be operating in child, they are in fact adult. Put simply I sometimes question the wisdom of the choices made. I say that not from kind of superior I know best stance. But in a let's keep each other safe way. Just saying!

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