Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Do You Ever Feel Dispirited?

Do you ever have days when you feel dispirited? Well today has been one of those days for me. It began when I awoke too early to attend an hospital appointment. I am not as they say 'a morning person'. When I arrived at the hospital I was told my appointment was at another hospital just down the road and then when I got there I was told they'd made a mistake and it was at the original venue! They, the hospital staff, took it in great good humour. They even suggested it was good exercise? I appraised them that dashing up and down at my age in a stressed state was more likely to result in a heart attack rather than an increased cardiovascular performance. I was fuming. 

Then my appointment turned out to be with a physiotherapist who looked all of twelve years old who used euphemisms like 'down below' when talking about my (here's another one) 'plumbing'. Anyway after a wasted half hour in which she explained kegels, an exercise to improve the pelvic floor, which I explain to other people on a regular basis. I was allowed out of the building with another appointment made for next month. At this appointment apparently she'll assess my progress and no doubt ask me more of the same repetitious questions.   I kid you not I have been asked the same questions by two registrars, one computer programme and a physiotherapist. What is wrong with them? Isn't there a cross over of data or are they trying to catch me out giving duff information? 

I returned home grizzling and ready to blow up at the slightest provocation but then I logged into twitter and before I knew where I was I was engaging in repartee and laughing my socks off. Twitter is not without its problems but for me it's a mood enhancer. Every day I tweet with lovely people who care for each other albeit at a distance and go out of their way to be supportive sometimes in a tongue in cheek, ironic way which I love. So the message is yes on occasion I do feel dispirited but connecting with others takes me out of myself and results in the restoration of my usual good humour 


  1. Poor you, it always makes me laugh when you get a youngster telling me about things like that, I suppose we intimidate them!
    By the way there's only one 6 in my day - that's 6pm - like you am not a morning person x

  2. thanks Pat you are one of the tweeps who always help restore my good humour x

  3. I hate hospitals, really I do - spent more time in and out of them than is healthy! (oh! the irony) so you have my full sympathies on the cock up score - I have been on the raw end of more than a few. 

    I get dispirited - sometimes I even cry, but twitter is not a place I go when I am feeling low, it drags me down even further. In fact I havent visited twitter in several weeks. 

    In fact when I am feeling dispirited I tend to retreat inside altogether. Found something that's different about us!   

  4. interesting I withdraw from real life friends perhaps because I haven't the resources but feel safe on twitter I guess because connection is limited and on my terms? As always thanks for connecting :)

  5. Love the way your positivity shines through and you bounce back even when messed about
    You always brighten my day missus!

  6. Thank you Bob you say the nicest things! :)

  7. I can understand your fruistration yesterday - and its really not good enough being sent from pillar to post - what would have happened if you had been disabled or elderly - what about good old Customer Care. It seems like your appointment was a fair waste of time to be honest - no wonder the health service is in such a mess. They badly need to start treating people with more respect.
     I couldnt agree with you more on the Twitter comment - there is always someone on here to make you laugh, share a blog, or brighten up  your day - Twitter rocks!