Saturday, 22 October 2011

Pre-Holiday Blues

I hate preparing for holidays! We have a lovely one booked to go with our son and his family to Morocco. I know we'll have a good time when we arrive there. We've been on holiday with them many times before and we get on really well. However, I dread the upheaval of packing etc.

To begin with this is the time I look at my body and ask myself how I could I possibly expose it to the public gaze? Now I'm smart enough to know that in the main the general population are not interested in an old bird like me, and if they are what does that say about them? Surely they have more weighty matters on their minds? No pun intended. Let's be fair there's lots to talk about regarding the state of our nation and not just about who's to blame?  So nobody is going to be looking at my unsavoury carcass? That, however, does not prevent me from submitting myself to the OMG routine when the thought of sunning myself comes up! 

Then there's the 'shit' I haven't got a thing to wear. I kid you not when I say that every occasion that comes around on my social calendar I appear to be minus the appropriate clothes. It feels like a Borrowers conspiracy? Though to be honest if that's the case they must be fairly hefty specimens! But this means I now have the problem of sourcing gear which will fit and look OK? 

At this juncture I'm really thinking I cannot be bothered. I have the makings of a cold. I'm tired. I have work to do. Then my OH chips in with what medicines etc do we need to take? What makes  me the oracle? What stops him from working it out by himself? If asked he would probably say 'if I do it I'll forget something' when what he really means is 'I'll forget something and you'll be critical'. Come to think of it he's probably right. I am a ducks in a row kind of person? Then he utters those encouraging words 'we'll be on the last lap as usual' which translated means 'you'd better get on with it'. So here I am with two days to go and the only prep completed has been done by Jim who has sorted the cameras and photographic gear. I think it's clear where his priorities lie?

My original idea was to visit the Yorkshire Outlet but after a dispirited chat we decided instead to go to Meadowhall or as it's known in our household Meadowhell! So after a leisurely breakfast we venture on the M1 to enter our collective hades. When we arrive there initially it doesn't seem too bad but after a couple of hours trying things on and realising that yes I am a couple of sizes bigger than I was last year I am ready to scream! I know I am responsible for putting on weight but why can't manufacturers accept that people get fatter they don't get taller!!! It is so frustrating! OH is trying to be encouraging but he's failing miserably so we decide the best thing is to head for home where I can sift through my stock of too small clothes to try and pull my holiday wardrobe together.

I am sitting thinking I really could have organised things better. I get why people want magic wands. I want one which will make me two sizes smaller and minus the mountain of ironing I'm looking at while OH mutters comfortingly I don't really need all that!



  1. Sorry I said it was funny Babs. But it is... If I was the one writing this, you would be laughing too. Unless Carmen Electra shows up, people generally are only thinking about themselves. I often worry about they way I'll look when I'm away. Last year I met a lady who was so large, she draped over the edge of the sunbed. You've seen her on my facebook pics. She was awesome, in every respect. Her personality made up for everyones preconceptions. She makes you look like Twiggy, and Kate Moss like an amoeba. We all go away to relax. All I can say is that you have some fabulous attire, you're only going for a week and as you would say, get a grip! Jim on the other hand, is being a typical bloke, He's a fab guy, cant believe he turned into Mr Average for the holidays. ha ha.... Have a great time and remember you dont need to impress anyone, they dont support you and would probably gain more from knowing you than you knowing them! XXX

  2. I think one of the things I like about holidays is that you are anonymous for the most part, and thus I don't give a fig what anyone thinks about me as they don't know me.

    Different kettle of fish if I think people I know are judging me though.

    Two sides of the same coin.

    Athena x

  3. I'm happy it made you laugh 'cos that's what I was going for. I do hate getting ready for holidays though. I wish I could just twitch my nose Samantha fashion and be there. Tbh if I really cared what people thought I'd have done something about my icreasing size. Thank you so much for commenting I love it when you do :) x

  4. Just posted a comment but it vanished. Will try to remember what I said.

    Just that I read this thinking yes, yes, and yes!

    But also that you're going to Morocco, which means lots of markets full of wonderful exotic clothes that float kindly over wibbly bits. Maybe don't pack very much and treat yourself to some lovely original things while you're there.

    Size doesn't matter a whit. A lovely smile and a friendly manner is what people will see (and if it's draped in exotic, vivid colour, so much the better.:)

    Have a super time!
    Diana x

  5. thanks Diane reading you comments made me smile & I now feel oddly calm but of course that could be the entre-deux-mers :)

  6. I do sympathise with you - I always ore holidays very similar to yours - I am left to do everything - the shopping the packing even the booking of the holiday - and the worse part is taking Copper off to the dog sitter - I hate that job. Then when we get back hey presto it's all left to me to unpack, wash and put everything away while OH is the good guy and goes to collect copper.

  7. You have, my dear, what I have christened 'pre-holiday packing syndrome.' I suffer from this myself and since coming out of the closet I'm surprised at how many women suffer from it.
    At first I just thought I was lazy and couldn't be bothered with the ironing, folding, writing and ticking lists, finding stuff like passports and documents etc.
    The I realised that what I was suffering from was a kind of mental illness which ought to be treated with more sympathy..I think it has to do with a lack of control over what happens to us when we leave home with just a bag full of stuff.
    Will our lives end without Facebook? Will there be shops if we have forgotten to pack something? Will I get replacement medicines if mine run out? What if there's rain, hurricanes, earthquakes or tsunamis? Why am I going on this holiday anyway?- clearly, not to relax!
    The answer? Only go on holiday with people you like- they will take your mind off your problems- think about catching up with their news over glasses of wine in the sunshine.
    The worry about clothes is just silly-who says you have to undress when you go on holiday? Wear what you bloody well like!
    We women need to take back control over our relaxation time and only do what we want to do and when we want to do it and who we want to do it where's that passport?