Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My New Blog designed by Lesley Aveyard

I love my new blog/website which was designed and set up by  @LesleyAveyard
 Lesley is a tremendously helpful woman who is full of good ideas and advice to match. She interpreted my requirements perfectly which couldn't have been easy because I was very much of the I'm not sure of what I want variety of client! It is obvious with the amount of effort she puts in that she cares about her work.

Although we had made friends on twitter before we worked together it was a very professional arrangement and at the end of the process I feel content in the knowledge that she'll be there if need help or further advice. Though in front of witnesses, I promise you Lel, I really don't intend being a pain in the backside.

I think her rate per client hour is very reasonable and her services are premium. So all I can say is if you need help with any Social Media Work then do yourself a favour and employ this woman. On a final note. I am not someone who recommends willy nilly so if I recommend them then they're good! Ask my OH he will tell you I'm the world's best critic! If you need proof of her work then just look round the blog and you'll see how good it is. I am delighted so well done that woman!


  1. This is so kind of you Barbara! So glad to have been able to interpret your wishes and make the changes you wanted.

    Can't imagine you ever being a pain in the backside - is this a side of you I have yet to encounter? :)

    Good luck with your new Problem Page, which I think is an excellent idea!

    Lesley x

  2. I feel it is small thanks really. I wish you continued success with your business because on your showing with me you deserve it x

  3. I think the new problem page is great