Monday, 17 October 2011

The End of an Era

This morning saw the end of an era when I attended my last CSG (counselling supervision group) with my Relate colleagues. 

If I am honest I went to the meeting with a little trepidation because although in the past I have been able to walk away from groups for me saying goodbye properly is a much more difficult proposition. 

The meeting itself was really no different to previous ones except for the chocolate cake which was on display and we used the session as appropriate to discuss various cases. It was a lively meeting and everyone seemed connected and supportive of each other. But then I was asked how I felt about leaving and I felt unable to say, not only that I didn't really know. I shared the positives on my horizon for example my blog and my hopes for it in the future but I was unable, to access the negatives around my ending. However, when I thought about it this is quite a normal response for me. I typically deal with a crisis and have my breakdown later. Let's hope when the time is right I don't actually come apart at the seams? 

Anyway if I felt unable to feel or share sadness my colleagues made up for it and amidst the laughter there were tears. We haven't arranged a leaving do as such but have agreed to combine it with the Xmas party and so I get the opportunity to meet up with these lovely people again. I left them today with a superb bouquet and a brilliant card and acknowledging that this was the end of an era.


  1. AAwwwwwww.....both a sad occasion and a happy one! xxxxx Cindy

  2. exactly Cindy bittersweet x

  3. *hugs* the more you write the more like me I think you are. I am definitely of the deal with crisis, breakdown later brigade.

    Go easy on yourself

    Athena x

  4. You have gained some lovely friends - a true gift

  5. thank you for your comments. It means a lot when people respond. I think we are not on our own Athena with the I'll have my nervous breakdown later response and if I'm honest I prefer it that way x

  6. Yes, I'd also like to say that at the end of an era, a new chapter opens - a new journey begins. I don't think things truly 'end'- as we take so much from our experiences...

    Thinking of you though. Sometimes, we don't realise how much of ourselves we invest in something until we move away from it...

    Nikki x

  7. I agree with you entirely Nikki and it is my intention to invest in that new beginning. I have been a counsellor for a long time but in becoming one I proved its possible to do something new at an age when some were thinking of hanging up their boots. I'm just choosing some different boots. I thank you for sharing your kind thoughts with me x