Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cooperation You Scratch MY Back I'll Scratch YOURS

I'll scratch your back you scratch mine is an old idiomatic saying. These days it's often tinged with the idea of  it being underhand in some way but really it just means co-operation - it's a quid pro quo. 
If we think about if further business, family, even society is based on give and take co-operation. Of course in all these areas there will be some who take more than they give and when that happens unhappiness and unrest eventually occurs. 

As I have remarked before I am a watcher and what I perceive on twitter is that they're are some like me who want to help others and co-operate and those whose only idea is to foreground themselves and take, take take. The reason I'm writing this piece is not that I want to name names. The users know who they are but to say once again 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'. If you don't start scratching then you dear tweeps will be scratched and by that I mean I will not be promoting your book, blog, business etc anymore.

I do not mean this in an aggressive way but just to convey my bottom line. I will help you in anyway I can but as my old mother used to say if you're a doormat you get trod on' I have never been nor intend to be a doormat! 


  1. how right you are

    Athena x

  2. Too right Don Barbara - either they scratch your back or you'll have to make them an offer they can't refuse ...capiche?

  3. thanks guys I wasn't sure the world was ready for my level of honesty but you've proved otherwise :)