Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thursday Jaunt

A few weeks ago we had decided that it was time to start fell walking again. We have as a couple & with friends walked for nigh on 40 years and it's always been a pleasure shared. Then I started to have various niggling health problems & the habit slipped away and was eventually relegated to one of those things we used to enjoy & we must do that again sometime. Anyway after my operation in May I started to take stock & decided it was time to resurrect the weekly jaunt & so for the last couple of weeks we've been doing various short walks.

There was a time when come rain or shine we would have been out there 'running up those hills' but age has seasoned me & now I'm definitely a fine weather walker. I don't mind the occasional shower or drizzle but no more walking in the teaming rain for me. Even as a young woman I would have labelled that just exercise & now as a 60 something - no offence to the shall we say the dedicated?  I have more sense.

Last night we listened to the weather forecast - It didn't sound good & so we considered contingency plans. We could, we said, perhaps go to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park. There's a fantastic Jaume Plensa exhibition on there at the moment. . Then we thought that perhaps that was no better as a bad weather option. So we made the decision to sleep on it. When we woke up this morning it was fine the forecast wasn't good but let's be fair they are not always reliable. We drove down the M1 to pick our friend up, had a coffee at her place & after some jaw jaw we agreed to walk round Underbank Reservoir. We could do this from my friends flat & if the weather did deteriorate it wasn't too far to walk.

Off we set the three of us & Billy & what a lovely time we had. As usual we (the women) chatted not stop. My friend is a recently retired tutor & of course I'm working towards retirement so lots to share & plans to make. OH & the dog were off in front. Jim enjoying the peace Billy the sniffs. It wasn't a long walk (4 miles) as walks go but it blew off the cobwebs & we arrived back at her flat feeling invigorated.

We had lunch together - just scrambled eggs on toast but the eggs were from her own hens & by you can taste the difference! Then we were back down the motorway heading home & feeling blessed.


  1. It is true, that we can be disliked for the direct approach. I usually find that I purposely become calmer when being direct, my voice changes so that the person listening understands that I have something important to say and I require a sensible response. I've come across quite a few people who no matter your approach see the actual act of being direct as a cue to argue as if they dont like having to have a genuine conversation and can only handle chit chat, but they can offer directness and expect more than they could ever offer in return.
    Where I was brought up, being direct was cause for argument, as I get older I see that is stirs up interesting conversation as long as it's instigated with good tone.Society is too sensitive, lots of adults feel defensive when asked a straight question when really if they stopped for a second before they answered a whole new way of life could open up.

    Sounds like you had a fab day yesterday. The pic of Billy is lovely. He may become the star of the show. lol

  2. Hi Anonymous thank you for your observations regarding my communication blog. We did have a good day & Billy is I feel already a star - well in my eyes anyway!