Monday, 5 September 2011

The Frustration of the Novice Blogger

I have been thinking about blogging since last year. It seemed a good idea to have an interest in my run up to retirement. I've always been interested in communicating & believe I have had a modicum of success in doing just that. I've followed a few blogs & it seemed fairly straightforward - what did I have to lose? The answer after struggling with the merits of blogger & wordpress is simple - my sanity. I don't know whether I'm complicating the issue or whether they are just not user friendly or whether I'm just plain stupid? I have spent hours trying to sort out various design problems. In fact I've pored over posts & videos until my eyes hurt & the blog still isn't as I would like it. I have now decided to 'chill out' as they say & do it bit by bit.

If any of my tweeting friends would like to offer advice & support I'd be delighted but if not I'm sure if I persevere I'll eventually succeed or expire in the attempt!   


  1. You're doing much better than you're giving yourself credit for, honestly as a blogger of some not inconsiderable experience, I tell you, the hardest part's behind you.

    By luck or by judegement, you've done 4 things that are the mark of an expert.

    The only thing I'd say is I'm a Wordpress kind of guy. Wordpress if far mor robust, than any other blogging platform - there's no end of widgets and plugins for it (just like the iphone is the leader of the smartphone market - the list of apps is endless). In the fullness of time, Wordpress would make it easier for you to be found on the web, so complete strangers, and not just your friends would be reading your blog.

    Wordpress powers roughly a quarter of the world's blogs/sites, including the main White House website; and both my websites.

    And, and, please consider having your blog 'self hosted'. There are 2 benefits to self hosting. It'll set you back about the cost of a cup of coffee a month.

    You've started, keep it up.

  2. Many thanks Ade for your comments. At the moment I really am confused & so I'm canvassing opinion & reading up on both options - currently most are giving wordpress the thumbs up!

  3. Don't think about who may or not be reading it. Write for yourself only and not for any intended audience. And enjoy it :-)

  4. thanks for your input Sandra. I think it's good advice & hopefully that's what I'm doing? The main difficulties I have are functional. I spend ages working on how to? I guess at times like this I wish I were more IT savvy but hey ho!